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ePCR Integration

ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reports) is rapidly becoming the industry standard, replacing paper forms through direct input of data into digital systems. Compliance with government regulation in many areas is increasingly be met with digital solutions and a significant percentage of the EMS industry is adopting ePCR integration.

By simplifying and streamlining the workflow surrounding the input and management of data, ePCR can remove the need for physical storage of forms on site, improve the collection and management of data, and make your billing more efficient and accurate.

As leaders in operation and management in the EMS industry, ProClaim is happy to help you develop an e-PCR integration strategy that works for your business. Whether you’re just getting started on ePCR integration or looking to refine your existing ePCR strategy, we can partner with your business to develop a cost-effective solution specific to your operation.

Image: An example of an ePCR software
app which runs
on tablet devices for easier processing.